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The first step is to contact us to let us know which service you need and for which languages. Once we receive your request, we will prepare a quote for you with information regarding the price, how the project will progress and delivery. If you find our offer appropriate, please just send us a confirmation via e-mail (or via written notice), also indicating your billing information and preferred form of payment. Within a few minutes, you will receive a reply email with directions for proceeding with the payment. From that point on, we will work to provide you with professional language services that meet your needs.
We have no limits. We work with translators from around the world who provide a wide variety of language combinations. Even for more exotic languages, we will find the professional that is right for you. Please contact us for more information.
Certainly. We are able to manage complex projects that require multilingual, simultaneous translation of the same text, such as: websites, instruction manuals, software, etc.
The cost of a translation is determined by several factors: first of all, the number of words that are to be translated, followed by the language combination, the type of text, the reference sector and degree of difficulty, the format of the text, as well as the need for possible rush jobs. The cost of a translation is not defined a priori, and must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Oltrelingua has chosen to adopt the "word" as the unit of measurement for its rates, rather than the more common way, which is based on the number of characters and spaces. Charging by the word leads to greater transparency and clarity, and allows you to calculate a price based on the actual number of words that need to be translated.
Delivery times vary according to the size and complexity of the text to be translated and the language required. The timing is always established in agreement with the client before starting the translation process. For very short texts, it may be possible to obtain the translation within 24 hours. For very urgent inquiries, a small additional charge is required.
Just fill out the form on our website or submit a request for quote to our e–mail address (, specifying the source language, the target language/s and any specific requirements for delivery. Once we receive your request, we will provide you a free quote immediately and without obligation. It is important that you send us the file that is to be translated along with the request, because we can only provide an accurate quote by viewing the file, allowing us to establish the price and the expected time for delivery with absolute certainty. If you are unable to provide the digital document by e-mail, you can send the hard copy via fax to (+39) 0916195491 or take it personally to our offices at Via Marco Polo 23, Palermo.
We can receive the translation material via fax, e-mail, regular mail (registered mail), courier or in person at our office. We can return the translated file the same way it was delivered.
If the size of the text is too large to be sent by e-mail, simply notify us and soon we will set up special FTP access for you.
For the development of our services, we require payment in advance. The process of translation and other language services will begin only upon receipt of payment. However, for frequent projects or projects of a certain size, you may be able to pay part in advance, then pay off the balance at a later time.
The preferred method of payment is a bank transfer to Oltrelingua, but we also accept payments via PayPal and Credit Card upon request: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Discover, Aurora, and American Express.
We keep the translations and the material produced in our protected archives for 5 years as part of the customer’s order history. If the customer wishes, we can destroy the translation with prior written notice.
The customer's personal data and the information contained in the texts are treated as strictly confidential. Oltrelingua guarantees the confidentiality of texts, personal data, the nature of the work performed and any information transmitted by the customer for the performance of the service.
Oltrelingua always submits all projects to a rigorous quality control process before delivering the final product to the customer in order to avoid any errors. However, if the customer finds errors or problems in the text, by law, they have the right to notify us by way of written notice within 8 days of receipt, and we will try to correct the problem instantly, free of charge. After that period, the work shall be considered delivered without errors.