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About us

In this modern, globalized world, there are many occasions that will require you to communicate in a language that you do not know (moving to a foreign country to study or work, wanting to make your company known abroad, buying or selling products or services across national borders).  At times like these, the help of a professional linguistic translator is crucial. This is how Oltrelingua Language Services supports its clients. Whether for individuals or large and small companies, Oltrelingua Language Services provides the practical help needed to communicate with foreign countries and overcome language barriers. In Italian, our name literally means “beyond language”.

Our headquarters are located in Palermo, in the heart of the city, but our partnerships are expanding  throughout the rest of Italy and the world. We work on the international market every single day. We work with a wide range of language combinations and rely on a network of over 500 professional, mother-tongue translators from all over the world who have been carefully selected based on their expertise and professionalism. Oltrelingua is formed by a team of qualified professionals with degrees in foreign languages, experience working and studying abroad, and who are accustomed to working in an international environment. This ensures that the demands of the customer are taken care of and impeccable products and services are delivered.

We deliver the highest quality translations that are subject to the highest standards.  We also provide precise and accurate sworn and certified translations. We devote all our energy and resources to providing customers with high-level language services. Quality is a requirement, not an option.

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